Buy Engagement Rings - Look for the Right Metal

There are three types of metals used to make engagement rings and their bands and choosing the right can be challenging. Keep in mind some ladies react differently to different metals. Some react poorly to silver whereas others prefer to wear gold, white gold or platinum. Read more great facts on how to  buy silver half eternity band,  click here. 

Among the metals mentioned above, platinum is the most expensive metal. This is because it is one of the rarest metals to find and it is highly resistant to corrosion. With these features, it becomes the best element for the best jewelry such as engagement rings. Platinum engagement rings are long-lasting, and they do not lose their luster. They also symbolize marital faithfulness, endurance, and purity.

In-ring making, gold is the most commonly used element due to its unique, rich and sunny color making it conspicuous against clear diamonds. Since pure gold is too soft and can easily get damaged, the 14 karats and 18 karats are the most used purities. To get rose gold plated engagement rings, jewelers add copper to gold, whereas white gold is made up of silver and nickel or silver and palladium. Although blue gold is rare, it is made up of a mixture of purple gold and iron with a small amount of aluminum.  For more useful reference regarding  rose gold plated jewelry, have a peek here. 

Alternatively, you can choose the silver or the sterling silver engagement rings. Although it is susceptible to wear and corrosion, silver engagement rings are the least expensive rings. Sterling silver, on the other hand, usually contains small amounts of copper which form the harder metal compound which has a duller finish. And that is why it is often flashed with a thin coat of fine silver. For a budget package, silver is often combined with cubic zirconium.

Of all metals presented, white gold is the most preferred for its look since it resembles platinum, but you need to dig deeper into your pocket to get this one. Since it boosts the colorlessness of some metals, it is popularly used to place diamonds into their color grades of D-1. White gold is made up of 75% yellow gold and for this reason; most jewelers coat white gold with rhodium. Rhodium belongs to the platinum family hence becomes a fine hard white metal. To bring back the beauty of the metal, most jewelry makers re-plate the rhodium.

However, as much as you want to give your girlfriend the best engagement ring, it is wise to buy an engagement ring of her choice.